Treat Yourself For Veterans Day

Our friends over at put together a fantastic list of Veterans Day discounts and deals, and picked some that you will especially like! From giveaways to discounts to free meals, they’ve got the full list over on their website. Keep scrolling for those we think you’ll like! Giveaways Hawks Cay Resort In Collaboration with […]

Relocation Resources to Be Thankful For

Military families must learn the secrets to living out of suitcases for months and unpacking a household’s worth of boxes in just two days. Each new duty assignment comes with its own unique challenges, however, lengthier TDY assignments push families to quickly adapt and hit the ground running. At Military Crashpad, we want to help […]

The Very Scary Side of Temporary Lodging

What’s wrong with staying in on-base lodging? Nothing, really. Lodging is … lodging. You get your basic bed, bathroom and sometimes a small kitchen. But sometimes things go wrong. And when they do, they go very wrong. We asked some of our military friends to share their lodging horror stories. And boy were some of […]

Is It Really PCS Time, Again?

About 40% of military families PCS – or move – each summer. But another big wave of PCSing happens in the winter. We all know PCSing can be a blast, and incredibly stressful! Some of the good parts are: eating out every day (no cooking!), staying in hotels (no cleaning!), and traveling. PCSing does require […]

7 Tips for House Hunting from a Distance

As military families, we are no stranger to moving often and on little notice. We’re frequently put in situations where we have to search for housing across the country from where we live, or – in some cases – across the world. The whole process can be more stressful than you bargained for, especially when […]

Why You Should Try Space A For Your Next Vacation

Have you ever wanted to go on a family getaway, but didn’t know how you would be able to afford a flight, accommodations, and attractions? Enter the wonderful world of Space-A Travel. Space Available Travel (Space-A), can save you an immense amount of money when traveling. If you would like to take a trip within […]

How to Spend a Saturday in Altus

As a small town, it can be tough to find Altus’ hidden gems at first. But there are more options than you might think! Whether you’re looking for fun things to do with your family or you’re spending time with new friends, Saturday in Altus has a ton to offer. The first stop for any […]

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