7 Tips for House Hunting from a Distance

As military families, we are no stranger to moving often and on little notice. We’re frequently put in situations where we have to search for housing across the country from where we live, or – in some cases – across the world. The whole process can be more stressful than you bargained for, especially when […]

10 Things to Replace on Each Move

Many of us get the “urge to purge” when PCS orders come down. We go through clothes, books, and condiments but we often forget to replace things that have lost their functionality. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to clean out completely before the packers arrive, but you could always ditch stuff while unpacking.   […]

Tips For Finding Ft Meade Lodging

Orders to Fort Meade? If you’re not from the area, the number of lodging options can be daunting. You may be concerned that realtors and rental agencies misplaced the commas and you are undoubtedly worried about traffic. All of these things are super important when house hunting, or even just finding a temporary rental in […]

8 Reasons to Stay in a Crash Pad During Flight School

Have you tried finding an apartment or rental house in a military town in the summer? Or a short-term furnished apartment just for flight school? It’s downright impossible. Most flight students try to find a place close to base that they can easily break the lease on when their orders finally drop. But there is […]


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