4 Reasons a Spring TDY to Holloman is Great

4 Reasons a Spring TDY to Holloman is Great

Spring in the desert is wonderful. And that makes the best time to visit Alamogordo, NM from March 26 to May 27th. Spring in Alamogordo is a great time to see and do things in the Alamogordo area. Here’s a list of the top things to do to enjoy Alamogordo in the Spring.

Get Outdoors

With the Guadalupe Mountains as the backdrop for Alamogordo, it is easy to find great hiking just a short distance away. With a number of great hiking trails ranging from short 2-mile hikes to 20 plus mile hikes there are so many different great places to explore. You can find great hikes here.

There is also great mountain biking in the area. You can start learning the ropes of mountain biking on easy trails or if you are more advanced you can test your skill at the challenging trails. Check out a list of trails and their skill level here.

Wine Festivals

Viva Vino hosts two events featuring New Mexico’s wine. New Mexico’s wine history began nearly 400 years ago. The first vines were smuggled in from Spain and planted along the Rio Grande. New Mexico’s current wine industry continues to evolve from the European roots that started it with over 50 wineries and tasting rooms throughout the state. These festivals feature wines ranging from red to white to sparkling, with tastes varying from soft and sweet to bold and dry. There are wine festivals throughout the year in NM but these two are both held Memorial Day Weekend.

Las Cruces Wine Festival (May 25-28)

Albuquerque Wine Festival (May 25-28)

White Sands

No trip to Alamogordo would not be complete without a stop at this National Park. And Spring offers a great opportunity to hike the sands and see nature. With blooming plants, mild weather and beautiful sunny days. Spring is a great time to check out everything White Sands National Monument has to offer. And the first weekend of April you can check out the Trinity Site.  To help you plan your visit and learn more check it out this article.

Inn of the Mountain Gods

If you are looking for entertainment you should head to Inn of the Mountain Gods. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a nice relaxing dinner, a concert, hiking trails a day on the water or golfing. They have all the equipment you need a day there will be great no matter what you decide to do. Inn of the Mountain Gods has it all and more. The Spring weather and the beauty of the resort and location make this a great day trip when you are just trying to get away and explore. Learn more here.

What did we miss?  Yes, Alamogordo is a small town, but there is still plenty of things to do to keep you busy if you are traveling, are new to the area or have lived there forever.

Written by: Amanda Huffman

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