8 Things to Ask Your Realtor When Renting Sight Unseen

PCS season means lots of decisions to make. And sometimes, it means making the tough ones before you’ve even packed a box. This time, it’s decided – you are going to rent a home sight unseen at your new duty station. Are you nervous yet? Palms sweaty? Second-guessing your choice already? Maybe, but there are […]

7 Tips for House Hunting from a Distance

As military families, we are no stranger to moving often and on little notice. We’re frequently put in situations where we have to search for housing across the country from where we live, or – in some cases – across the world. The whole process can be more stressful than you bargained for, especially when […]

Tips For Finding Ft Meade Lodging

Orders to Fort Meade? If you’re not from the area, the number of lodging options can be daunting. You may be concerned that realtors and rental agencies misplaced the commas and you are undoubtedly worried about traffic. All of these things are super important when house hunting, or even just finding a temporary rental in […]

The Best Military Relocation Resources for Your Next PCS

Written by Dawn M. Smith exclusively for Military Crashpad®® Securing new housing and temporary lodging are some of the biggest headaches of PCS prep. Military Crashpad®® has you covered for parts of your journey, but this must-read list of resources can help ease all of the pain with reviews to discounts. It’s all here to help military […]

5 Things Military Tenants Look For In Rental Properties

If you are active duty military, chances are you’re already accustomed to frequently moving. In this article, you can find some of the most common things military tenants are looking for when relocating to a new home after getting orders to PCS.   Proximity to the Base Proximity to your base of operations is a […]

5 Things to Do When You Get PCS Orders

In the military, PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station, and if you’re a family man in the military, this can be quite the ordeal. You’ve got to move all the way across the country, in some cases; and across the world in others. You’re lucky if you end up moving somewhere within a day’s […]


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