4 Weekend Trips Worth Taking From Altus AFB

4 Weekend Trips Worth Taking From Altus AFB

One of the best parts of a long TDY or assignment is exploring that part of the country! Today, we’re sharing a few weekend trips worth taking while you’re at Altus AFB. Whether you’re into hiking, art, great food, or just need a change of pace, there’s something at each of these spots worth exploring.

Oklahoma City

Just over two hours away, Oklahoma City is the obvious easy weekend. It’s close enough for a day trip too, but it’s worth the overnight if you want to bar hop in Midtown or see a concert at The Jones Assembly. If you’re into local art, check out the Paseo Arts district; if you want the up and coming hipster neighborhood, stay near the Plaza District. The National Cowboy Museum is perfect for getting into the spirit of Oklahoma! The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is a sobering but well-done reminder of the city’s 1995 bombing. If you don’t do the museum, it’s still worth checking out the outdoor park-like memorial. The Museum of Art hosts one of the best collections of Chihuly glass in the world, so it’s worth an afternoon.



At only 3 1/2 hours away, Tulsa offers a considerably greener destination than anything south or west of Altus. Try to go in the fall during their Oktoberfest, ranked as one of the best in the US by Conde Nast Traveler. While you’re there, the Philbrook Museum of Art is worth visiting for its architecture alone – it’s housed in an Italian villa built by an oil family.

Tulsa is also located not far from the Ozarks, perfect for camping, hiking, boating, or fishing.

Palo Duro Canyon & Amarillo, Texas

Three hours west of Altus lies Palo Duro State Park. It’s the biggest canyon you’ve never heard of – the second biggest canyon in the US after the Grand Canyon. Full of Native American history and epically beautiful natural caves and spires, it’s worth a weekend exploring. It’s no surprise that it was a favorite inspiration area for Georgia O’Keefe. Pro tip: explore by horseback!

Palo Duro Canyon sits less than half an hour from Amarillo, Texas, so if you’re not into camping you can still check it out from the comfort of an air-conditioned hotel. Amarillo also hosts some unusual art installations, such as the Cadillac Ranch: a series of cars buried halfway in the sand and painted in every psychedelic color imaginable.

Dallas-Fort Worth

You could spend every weekend in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and not see everything. Both cities host everything from zoos and botanical gardens to museums and great restaurants, the Fort Worth Stockyards are a classic historic touch, and there is even a Six Flags for the roller coaster lovers.

For an off the beaten path weekend, head south to Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. From whiskey-serving barber shops to artisan chocolate shops generous with free samples, it’s a fun and funky area to explore.

Waco is 80 miles south, so you could channel your inner Jo and Chip and even stay in one of the Fixer Upper homes through Airbnb!

When you’re craving a weekend out of town, try one of these spots.  And let us know what your favorite things to do, see and eat was in the comments below!

Written by: Emma Myrick

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