Money Habits That Can Save You Thousands

Disciplined, considerate, and responsible are characteristics that often describe someone in the military. However, those principles aren’t always the case when it comes down to managing money, especially when those they have multiple deployments and TDYs that take them away from home.  Living a life where you are constantly on the move, trying to assimilate […]

Treat Yourself For Veterans Day

Our friends over at put together a fantastic list of Veterans Day discounts and deals, and picked some that you will especially like! From giveaways to discounts to free meals, they’ve got the full list over on their website. Keep scrolling for those we think you’ll like! Giveaways Hawks Cay Resort In Collaboration with […]

Planning a Vacation? Don’t Forget These Discounts

We can all use a nice vacation, away from the “hurry up and wait” of military life. Take leave and fly off to a destination that will exhilarate your family, rejuvenate your mind, and jump-start your ambitious inner self. As a member of the Military, you have the privilege to utilize discounts offered by companies […]

5 Big Money Mistakes Made by Military Families

Being a military family is an awesome experience. With frequent moves to different cities, states, and countries you’re probably going to fall under the spell of Wanderlust. You’ll want to spend every available chance to take leave and explore new places, gain new experiences, and interact with different cultures. However, this traveling lifestyle can quickly […]

Crash Pad Benefits: Referrals for Permanent Housing!

There are countless priorities to juggle, important decisions to make, and a variety of factors to consider when you are moving. We understand the pressures you’re facing! Especially when you’re planning on moving somewhere long-term, it’s important to find the right fit for you, and potentially your spouse or family.   Military Crashpad® is part […]

Life in a Crash Pad

A crash pad is exactly what it sounds like: a place for people to crash. Crash Pads are widely known for being a furnished apartment or house used by airline crews for temporary lodging between flights. Airline crash pads have a constant flux of tenants and some join the crash pad to spend a night […]


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