Short-Term Renting: This is What You Need to Know

When you’re moving homes for a short period of time there are many arrangements that need to be made. Whether you’re relocating for an assignment or going on a TDY, finding suitable short-term accommodations can be a stressful process. The sky-high prices of hotels make it near to impossible to make ends meet and on-base […]

7 Moving Tips That Will Keep You From Going Mad

Moving homes can be an exhausting venture. When you’re being relocated on a regular basis, moving can become a real pain. We can all use some handy moving tips when we’re packing our whole life in boxes. We’ve felt the stress of moving your whole family from one place to another. So from our experience […]

Moving with Pets: The Seven Golden Rules

While moving can be stressful enough for people, we can only imagine what an impact this may have on our pets. All this unexpected activity in and around the house, followed by the sudden introduction of a new environment can make your pet(s) anxious. That said, you’re most likely too busy filling out forms, packing […]

Expected and Unexpected Costs When Moving

We are focusing on moving here this week on Military Crashpad®. We know that as military members moving consistently can be part of your experience, and we want to help you make the best of it. If you are coming to an area where we have a Crashpad, stay with us and make your experience […]

How to Prepare for a Cross Country Move

Moving can be extremely stressful, whether it is down the block or across the country. If you have received your PCS ticket you want to make sure you understand how to minimize your moving costs. Since some items are only partially reimbursed the lower you can keep your costs the more affordable the move can […]

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