Planning Your Move: 5 Items not to Forget

Do you find yourself worry packing months before your official PCS date? I know I tend to immediately start placing items I can live without safely in our large tubs and disposing of the unnecessary clutter that the last two to three years have, without a doubt, provided. There is a true art to moving. […]

Relocation Resources to Be Thankful For

Military families must learn the secrets to living out of suitcases for months and unpacking a household’s worth of boxes in just two days. Each new duty assignment comes with its own unique challenges, however, lengthier TDY assignments push families to quickly adapt and hit the ground running. At Military Crashpad, we want to help […]

Where Should I Keep My Money When We Keep Moving?

Finding a fantastic bank while you’re in the military may seem simple. You’ll just find one that is military friendly and provides incentives for your business. Simple, right? Not so fast. Some banks offer incentives for military members and even free accounts, but they may not have the best service or rates. Just like after […]

Make Your Next PCS an Awesome Road Trip

Leaving your duty station has its perks, traveling, being the best one! Visiting new places and seeing new things is something seasoned military members and their families long for. We are so used to moving every few years, that many of us get the desire to travel if we are stagnant for too long. If […]

Is It Really PCS Time, Again?

About 40% of military families PCS – or move – each summer. But another big wave of PCSing happens in the winter. We all know PCSing can be a blast, and incredibly stressful! Some of the good parts are: eating out every day (no cooking!), staying in hotels (no cleaning!), and traveling. PCSing does require […]

10 Things to Replace on Each Move

Many of us get the “urge to purge” when PCS orders come down. We go through clothes, books, and condiments but we often forget to replace things that have lost their functionality. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to clean out completely before the packers arrive, but you could always ditch stuff while unpacking.   […]

Tips For Finding Ft Meade Lodging

Orders to Fort Meade? If you’re not from the area, the number of lodging options can be daunting. You may be concerned that realtors and rental agencies misplaced the commas and you are undoubtedly worried about traffic. All of these things are super important when house hunting, or even just finding a temporary rental in […]

How to Safely Transport Your Pet During PCS Season

Written by Dawn M. Smith exclusively for Military Crashpad® Military families are often faced with difficult choices when it comes to a PCS with a pet, particularly overseas. They can either chose to ship their pet on their own dime and deal with the anxiety that comes with an airplane ride, or they can separate the family […]

Coping With A PCS Surprise

A Permanent Change of Station (PCS) can be a major stress on your family, but there are many resources to help make the process easier. When it comes to your accommodations, there are housing options you can find that are either right on your new base or close enough that transportation won’t be a big […]

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