Moving with Pets: The Seven Golden Rules

Moving with Pets: The Seven Golden Rules

While moving can be stressful enough for people, we can only imagine what an impact this may have on our pets. All this unexpected activity in and around the house, followed by the sudden introduction of a new environment can make your pet(s) anxious. That said, you’re most likely too busy filling out forms, packing and moving to keep your full focus on your pets so from our experience at Military Crashpad® here are seven Golden Rules that will help you decrease the negative impact of a move on your pets.

Take a Small Holiday
The smartest move would be to leave your pets in the hands of a temporary caretaker just as you would when you take a holiday, especially when you relocate often. Give them a temporary home, away from the hassle.

Keep Your Pets Away From the Action
We’re not always able to find a good temporary home for our pets. In this situation, it’s important to create a safe place. A room, the garage or an outside shelter will do just fine. Try to keep this space in its old, familiar state as long as possible. This will make your pet feel more comfortable while you’re moving. Make sure to provide plenty of food, water, and toys for your pet to amuse themselves with.

Update your Information
Notify your veterinarian about the move and update the old address with the new details. Take any records or prescription medications with you. Your veterinarian might be able to recommend another vet in the new neighborhood.  

Make Sure That You’re Good To Go
Make sure most unpacking is done before introducing your pet to their new environment. Give him a safe place to retreat if the rest of the house becomes too chaotic. Even if it’s just a single room where he can find some peace and quiet. Take your time when introducing him to other people such as housemates.

Introduce Familiar Scents
We all need familiar items to feel at home in a new house. Blankets, scented candles or picture frames that remind us of the place we used to call home. Your pet isn’t any different. Before introducing them to their new environment, make sure that there are plenty of familiar items around. Doing so is especially important if you move homes on a regular basis. Their favorite blanket, toys, cushions or other items that might be familiar to him/her can help. You can even use your worn clothes to make your pet feel more comfortable in their new environment. Anything with a familiar scent can make their transition go more smoothly.

The Importance of a Secure Release
When you’re all set to introduce your pet to their new home, make sure to close all doors and windows. This new environment might scare them and be unfamiliar with their new surroundings increases their chances of getting lost. This new house is undoubtedly making a big impression on them so be generous with your affection. Motivate and reward them while they’re discovering all the cracks and corners of their new home.

Give it Some Time
Give your pet some time to get used to his new surroundings. Don’t let cats or dogs run off leash just yet – give them a few weeks to feel completely at home. Once you know your way around and about you can assume that your pet has grown familiar with the new surroundings as well.

How do you make your pets feel comfortable after moving homes?



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