Life in a Crash Pad

Life in a Crash Pad

A crash pad is exactly what it sounds like: a place for people to crash. Crash Pads are widely known for being a furnished apartment or house used by airline crews for temporary lodging between flights. Airline crash pads have a constant flux of tenants and some join the crash pad to spend a night between flights while others call it their home away from home.

Crash pads are an affordable solution for a short-term stay. Rather than spending your time in solitude surrounded by the walls of a tiny hotel room, you can spend your time in an entire home with like-minded people. You’ll always have something to talk about and you’ll always find someone who understands the industry you work in. Whatever you might lose in privacy, you gain back in the form of valuable contacts and the opportunity to make new friends.

It’s not just the airline industry who are in need of temporary lodging. Military members on a TDY or who are about to PCS are often moving homes for short periods of time lasting three weeks up to several months. An expensive stay in a nearby hotel or staying in base lodging isn’t always the best option so a Crash Pad or PIT Pad comes into play.

Most crash pads come fully furnished with kitchenware, linens, and towels so you get the luxurious feeling of a hotel combined with the space and warmth of a home. You’ll be able to prepare a healthy meal in the kitchen while you turn on the big screen TV and sit back on a comfortable sofa. Military crash pads offer you the best of both worlds and will make you never want to stay in base lodging again.


Military crash pads are often used for a longer stay than your standard airline crash pad. They’re not just suitable for an overnight stay because they’re designed and ready for the full experience of long-term temporary lodging. Military crash pads come in all shapes and sizes and many of these crash pads offer you extra amenities such as a pool table, game room, premium cable package, and a swimming pool. These are some of the extras you might see offered by Military Crashpad® which are things you wouldn’t normally see in your standard airline crash pad.

No matter how luxurious your stay, it’s never easy to be away from home. Being in the military themselves, the founders of Military Crashpad® understand this better than anyone. That’s exactly why their Crash Pads and PIT Pads are designed to fulfill any possible need of a traveling military member. From crash pads with 60” TVs, premium cable packages and maid service to the more luxurious Randolph PIT Pad with chef-prepared meals and complimentary Lyft Credits, their crash pads have it all. Military Crashpad® offers all of that because sometimes, you just need a place that makes you feel like home.

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