7 Moving Tips That Will Keep You From Going Mad

7 Moving Tips That Will Keep You From Going Mad

Moving homes can be an exhausting venture. When you’re being relocated on a regular basis, moving can become a real pain. We can all use some handy moving tips when we’re packing our whole life in boxes. We’ve felt the stress of moving your whole family from one place to another. So from our experience at Military Crashpad® for your moving success, 7 helpful moving tips that will make moving less painful.

  1. Think ahead
    Thinking ahead can save you some headaches in the future. The first question to answer is what kind of move you’re about to make. Are you planning a short-term move to accommodation such as a Military Crash Pad? Then you might not have to move every single item. Brainstorm about the items you want to bring to the new home and don’t forget to communicate the selection with the rest of the household. Are you planning a permanent or long-term move? Best start organizing early; get the organizational work done before moving day comes along.
  2. Hold a garage sale
    You might be coming across some unused or unwanted items. Hold a garage sale and use the cash you earn for items you need at the new place. It’ll even save you some heavy lifting on moving day!
  3. Stock up!
    Make sure to stock up on those moving supplies. From boxes to newspapers; the more the merrier. Take our word for it, you need LOADS of supplies. Not only boxes, but things such as labels, marking pens, tape, newspapers and bubble wrap are as valuable as gold.   

  4. Keep it together
    Do NOT mix and match. The kitchen knives do not go well with that new linen bedding. Use specific boxes for specific rooms and keep things sorted.
  5. Making a list, checking it twice
    Organization is key! Use a small notebook and make note of every single item you put in the box. Filled the box? Use some transparent tape to attach the list to the box, number the boxes and note these numbers on a separate list. Use this separate list to combine box numbers with the rooms they belong to. This will help you unpack quickly.

  6. Play some tunes
    Music lightens the mood and increases energy. So don’t be shy, take out those old Prince records and turn up the volume!
  7. Delegate
    A good leader knows when to delegate. Stay on top of things; instruct and divide like a true puppet master while maintaining a clear overview.

For more information about the costs of relocating, see what Bankrate.com has to say.

Have a happy move!


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