How To Care For Your Dog During A Military Deployment

How To Care For Your Dog During A Military Deployment

There’s Already A Market For This


Your dog needs attention! It’s been said that you can leave a litter box plus a food/water tray for a cat and they’ll be fine. Cats are low maintenance and can survive on their own without causing damage for long periods of time. They have a high quotient of independence. Dogs, however, are much more like children—they need constant attention!


It’s difficult to leave your dog inside all day while you’re out of the house. A few of the troubles that can occur are:

  • Accidents (Dogs have to go when they have to go)
  • Damage to your furniture
  • Torn up items left around the house
  • Excessive barking, which can lead to unhappy neighbors


When you boil it all down, if you have a trip that can last several weeks or even months, not providing proper care for your dog could leave them very lonely and feeling unloved which could result in both you and your dog feeling sad.


Because of the scope which defines today’s military requirements, there is a small and growing industry in pet care for deployed soldiers. What this means is that you can actually have your animals taken care of by a variety of professional agencies who specialize in pet care.


Consider Housing Options That Are Dog-Friendly


When searching for potential homes, a lot of headaches can be prevented by choosing pet-friendly options.


Keep in mind, no matter where the location of your next temporary duty training is, you can always find a way to make sure your pet can travel with you. Thankfully, there are temporary housing solutions where you can feel at home with your furry friend!


Considerable Factors


You’ve should take into account the length of varying deployments. Sometimes you’ll be gone for a longer period of time than you may have expected! On the flip side, you could be involved with a very brief stint, and don’t feel the need to bring your pet with you on that trip. Regardless, your pet, or pets, will still need somewhere to live while you’re away from home.


If you do decide to bring them on your shorter work trips, make sure to check out our short-term rental options!


Finding The Best Balance


When you have multiple options at your disposal that have been built around a thorough understanding of the military lifestyle, you’re more likely to find the proper solutions for your pets. Additionally, proper communication with housing providers can aid them in their abilities to meet all of your needs.


Military life can be stressful and difficult. Oftentimes, long hours are required so having the appropriate housing solution can take some of that stress away by keeping your four-footed family members safe and sound.


In conclusion, if you’ve decided to take your pet with you on your next work trip – GREAT! Here are some tips that can help the smooth transition!



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