5 Reasons Crash Pads Are Your Best Bet for Temporary Military Housing

5 Reasons Crash Pads Are Your Best Bet for Temporary Military Housing

­­No matter how temporary, there’s something about making a place feel like home; and when it comes to temporary military housing options, that’s no easy task.


Military members and their families aren’t always aware of the resources available to them, which is why we want to make sure everyone knows why crash pads are their best bet for temporary military housing. Here are a few reasons why Military Crashpad®® gives you everything you need and more to have the best experience possible during your temporary placement.


We know what you need

Our staff has served a combined total of 67 Temporary Duty Assignments (TDYs / TADs) and knows exactly what you need. Whether we are placing you in one of our crash pads for a TDY/TDA, or referring you to a trusted partner for a long-term housing need, we’ve been where you are, and can cater to your needs.

We give you the best quality for the lowest price

We charge the same rate that the base hotel would charge you so you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket when traveling on a Temporary Duty Assignment (TAD/TDY) orders to stay with us.


We help you avoid unnecessary expenses

Our crash pads include great amenities that help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Don’t pay for furniture or a new washer and dryer. We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the perks you can enjoy in our crash pads:

    • Fully furnished with high-end decor
    • Fully stocked kitchens
    • Bi-Weekly Maid Service
    • High-Speed Wi-Fi
    • Premium Cable Packages


We help you enjoy your temporary duty assignment, for however long that is

With the convenience of having 24/7 access to the Military Crashpad®® team for your temporary housing needs, we take the hassle out of finding short-term leases and fully furnished apartments to give you a chance to actually enjoy your new assignment and other important aspects of your life.


We can help you with wherever you’re headed next

Military Crashpad®® started with just one house in southwest Oklahoma in 2013 and has grown to 32 locations at nine different military installations in the span of just a few years. Whether we’re giving you a great referral, or we’re sending you to another one of our crash pads around the country, we will do our absolute best to help you have the best experience wherever you land next.



Contact us to learn more and book your crash pad!


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