10 Things to Replace on Each Move

10 Things to Replace on Each Move

Many of us get the “urge to purge” when PCS orders come down. We go through clothes, books, and condiments but we often forget to replace things that have lost their functionality. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to clean out completely before the packers arrive, but you could always ditch stuff while unpacking.


Here are a few things you’ve probably already considered replacing on this last move, but just in case you didn’t, let me refresh your memory.


  • Towels – Towels can be refreshed a few times in the dryer, but ultimately, they need to be replaced every two or three years. This is a great reason to redecorate the bathroom on each move.
  • Cutting boards – This one surprised us! I mean, we clean them thoroughly but even if you keep them separated, as soon as they start showing deep cuts, it’s time to toss them.
  • Pillows – You’re probably counting down until the days you can replace your mattress (8 to 10 years), but did you know you should replace your pillow at least every two years? And if you opt for the cheaper pillow, it should be even more often.
  • Surge protectors – Without getting into the highly technical reasons you should replace these, let’s just say, they spend time absorbing extra voltage and they get “full” meaning they aren’t protecting your stuff the best they could.
  • Dried spices – Sometimes the movers won’t pack spices, but even if they do, most experts recommend you replace whole spices every 4 years, and dried spices and herbs every 2-3 years. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t remember the last time you used it, get rid of it.



And then there are the things that surprise us with their shelf life. Some of these just seem too expensive to ditch every move (we’re referring to the 2-3-year move, not the 6-month move), but trust us when we say they get gross quickly. But think about the last time you replaced them, all the houses they’ve lived in, all the yuck they’ve seen. It’s probably time to let them go.


  • Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Vacuum
  • Grill
  • Plastic deck furniture
  • Cookware


We know replacing these items every 2-3 years adds up, so there are some ways you can cut down on expenses. Storing plastic deck furniture and grills inside during the winter months will prolong their lifespan. Cookware can last way more than 3 years, and you can certainly replace it piece by piece instead of all at once.


What things do you purge each move?

Written by Rebecca Alwine Exclusively for Military Crashpad®®



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