Planning a Vacation? Don’t Forget These Discounts

Planning a Vacation? Don’t Forget These Discounts

We can all use a nice vacation, away from the “hurry up and wait” of military life. Take leave and fly off to a destination that will exhilarate your family, rejuvenate your mind, and jump-start your ambitious inner self.

As a member of the Military, you have the privilege to utilize discounts offered by companies all over America. Some of the deepest discounts are offered in the travel category. There are a few companies that have specific military rates for travel and amusement.

Shades of Green

Shades of Green is a very popular company that offers all-inclusive travel, lodging, and amusement passes to amusements Parks, including Disney. You can book accommodations and theme park tickets online, and the cost is calculated by rank. Click the link to check your category. Shades of Green offers amenities to make everyone comfortable during your stay. They have wellness centers, fitness rooms, and spas!

Waves of Honor

Waves of Honor offers both free and discounted tickets to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. On their website, you can print your free tickets before going on vacation! This is a lifesaver during the summer season, the wait times for admission can be quite lengthy.

Airline Discounts

Air travel using military discounts can be a little tricky. Purchasing online will almost ensure you won’t be able to acquire a military discount when buying airfare. Most airlines require you to call to get a military discount for air travel. Be aware that booking while under military orders may afford you different discounts than when booking for leisure travel.

Retail Salute

One of my favorite websites for Military Discounts is Retail Salute. This website encompasses every military discount out there. The site is convenient, and best of all, the deals are verified prior to their release. You’re getting the most correct and up to date information. There is a section solely dedicated to clickable, and printable coupons. Your best military discount may only be just a click away. The site also has a subscribe option, because you may not always have time to seek out the deals you need. With Retail Salute, they are delivered directly to your inbox on a regular basis. This site is free to use and accessible to everyone.

Finding a great deal on vacation, or even on a staycation, shouldn’t be a daunting task. Use your resources, check out the websites listed in this article, and start planning your fantastic getaway! Don’t forget, if you want to save money, you must spend time. If you want to save time, it’ll cost you a little more money. The choice is yours, but for my family, getting a great deal on vacation is my priority when planning. when planning.

Planning a vacation? Don’t make these Big Money Mistakes.

Written by Marla Bautista

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