5 Things Military Tenants Look For In Rental Properties

5 Things Military Tenants Look For In Rental Properties

If you are active duty military, chances are you’re already accustomed to frequently moving. In this article, you can find some of the most common things military tenants are looking for when relocating to a new home after getting orders to PCS.


Proximity to the Base

Proximity to your base of operations is a huge consideration when searching for your next home. The location of your new residence will need to have easy access to main roads and/or freeways and ideally shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes away from the base.


Accessibility of Schools and Job Opportunities

Often, the most affected member of the military family is the military spouse. Keeping their career options open is another factor to consider when choosing a new house. A residential neighborhood near the industrial or corporate part of the city can provide employment opportunities and be very desirable if the spouse is looking to continue their career or find a job outside the home after relocation.


Military families are also looking for proximity to good schools for their children. Transportation to and from school and other school activities is also a big consideration when looking for a new home.


Choosing a home that is close to both spouse’s place of work and access to good schools is often the deciding factor when choosing between different housing options.


Neighborhood Watch

Military personnel are frequently away from home for various training programs and exercises. Choosing a neighborhood where their families are safe while they’re gone is a high priority.

One important factor for those that are on the fence can be a neighborhood that has a strong sense of community. Local newspapers, TV programs, and social media groups can be a valuable source of information for military members that travel often.


Size of the Home

When military members move their entire family, they need a house that can accommodate each family member’s needs while still fitting into the family’s budget.  Many military families have cats, dogs or other animals that are very important to them. Finding a house that is pet-friendly and has outdoor space for them to run is ideal for families with pets.


Fully Furnished Home

Renting a recently renovated and fully furnished apartment, like our Holloman Crash Pad, for example, is something that many military families find convenient. The dynamics of military life and being constantly on the move makes renting furnished houses an ideal solution. One way or another, you’ll likely have to move your place of residence after a few years, and furnishing an entire home is a lot of work and an unnecessary expense.


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