Why PCS Season is the BEST Time to Head on Vacation

Why PCS Season is the BEST Time to Head on Vacation

PCS season is in full swing. With worries about new housing arrangements, getting the kids signed up for new schools and household goods (don’t get me started on HHG), I’m sure planning a vacation is the furthest thing from your mind. However, many military families often do themselves a disservice by not taking advantage of PCS days for family vacation. My family always takes the extra days during our PCS to explore new places, visit family members, and try to enjoy the trip.

PCS season is the perfect time for family vacation for multiple reasons.

It’s time for a break

PCS season is usually during the summer, which is the perfect time to take advantage of the kids being out of school. But, it’s time for that mid-year PCS, which is also a great time for a quick vacation. Planning a vacation that correlates between school holidays and your service member’s leave can take can be a headache. Planning a vacay during PCS takes that pressure off as the entire family is already together with little obligations.

You’re already on the road

If you’re doing a CONUS PCS then chances are you’re already driving to your next destination. By driving, you have a bit more control over your schedule and where you would like to go for family vacay without travel costs becoming too expensive. Example: During our 20 hour PCS drive from Florida to Missouri this year, we’ll be stopping in Orlando for vacation on the way to Atlanta to visit family for a while. A vacation easily fit into our plans for this PCS.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant

Family vacations can mean spending as much or as little as you want, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Simply look at your projected PCS travel route and pick a destination based on your route. Choose a city within your route that offers tons of free or military friendly family activities to cut costs and have a great time.

You can try new things

The great thing about a road trip is exploration. While you’re looking at your projected PCS route, maybe consider a lesser known city with tons to do and a lot of charm. Pinterest is a great way to find hidden gems in the state you’re traveling to. Simply type in the state name followed by the keyword travel. You’ll find travel itineraries, destinations, hidden gems, and things to do.

When’s your favorite time to take a family vacation? Make sure you check out our properties and consider staying at crash pad, instead of a stuffy hotel.

Written by: Sierra Redmond

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