The 5 Best Things to do in Albuquerque

The 5 Best Things to do in Albuquerque

Albuquerque might be known most for the Hot Air Balloon Festival held each October where thousands of hot air balloons fill the sky each morning. But there is plenty to do outside of checking out the famous festival. The green chili isn’t to be missed and there is so much to do indoors and outdoors. Anything from hiking to mountain biking, visiting the zoo, and riding a tram. And there are so many great museums and shopping to explore. A visit to Albuquerque will not disappoint.

Check out the culture

Albuquerque has a rich culture that you can see throughout the city. Besides the local shops in historic Old Town Albuquerque and the amazing New Mexican food with green or red chilis. You will know why they ask “Red or Green?” after just one meal. There are also a lot of places to explore to learn even more about the deep history and culture of the area. The San Felipe De Neri Church has been standing since 1793. There are also a number of museums worth exploring—including one favorite the Indian Pueblo Culture Center. This is just a small sample of history to see, you can learn more places to learn and discover here.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

No matter what time of year you head to Albuquerque you can ride in a hot air balloon. Rainbow Ryders Inc. Hot Air Balloon Ride Company has been in business for 36 years and offers daily sunrise rides in hot air balloons—weather permitting—and, in the winter months, sunset rides are also possible. Each ride includes a one hour ride in a hot air balloon followed by champagne. Check out their website for packages, specials, and schedules.

Glide up the Tram

One of the must-do stops in Albuquerque is the Sandia Peak Ariel Tramway. Sandia Peak is on the eastern edge of Albuquerque and takes you from an elevation of 6,559 ft to 10,378 ft where you can see the whole city on a clear day. The area also has hiking and mountain biking options available. Read more about the tram or what to do when you visit here.

Get Outdoors to Explore

Albuquerque is a great place to spend lots of time outside. There are hiking trails throughout the Albuquerque basin and mountain biking trails ranging from easy to expert. You can also visit the Rio Grande where you can rent a kayak, canoe, or even go whitewater rafting. There is wildlife to see in Albuquerque, so don’t be surprised when you see a bald eagle while drifting down the river. You can check out even more about riding the Rio Grande here. In the winter months, skiing and snowshoeing are available at Sandia Peak. There are no limits on what you can see and discover outdoors in Albuquerque all year long.

See Animals at the BioPark

Albuquerque provides a unique experience. Where you might expect to visit a zoo. Albuquerque has put together the a BioPark where you can visit the zoo, aquarium, visit special events, see the botanical gardens, and more. You can learn about all that is available and various ticket prices here at the ABQ BioPark website.

If you make your way to Albuquerque and want to explore outside of the city, check out the 4 Awesome Weekend Getaways from Albuquerque here. What is your favorite thing to do in Albuquerque?

Written by: Amanda Huffman

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