6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

The Sandia Peak Tram is located at the eastern edge of Albuquerque is an engineering marvel. It was built in 1966, it took two years from idea to construction and another two years to complete. Then it went through a 60-day safety inspection before bringing its first passengers to Sandia Peak on May 7, 1966. Since then over 11 million people have ridden the tram. And while riding the tram is definitely worth your money. It is only one of the many ways to experience Sandia Peak. Here are six of the best ways to explore Sandia Peak.

Ride the Tram

6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

A ride along the Sandia Peak Tramway will take you above deep canyons and breathtaking terrain over a distance of 2.7 miles. Your final destination is at 10,378 ft in Cibola National Forest. This 15-minute journey brings you from the edge of the city to be one with nature. Once you arrive at the top you have various actives you can take part in before heading back down to the base. Make sure to bring a jacket the temperature can be as much as 30 degrees cooler at the top.

Dine with a View

6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

Sandiago’s is located at the base of the world-famous Sandia Tramway. The bar is open for walk-ins and you can make dinner reservations to cap off your tram trip. The restaurant at the top of Sandia Peak has been closed for over three years but was torn down to rebuild this new location. Work is almost complete with a scheduled opening of late summer 2019 for Ten3. Soon you will be able to dine with an amazing view over Albuquerque.

Hike the Trails

6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

One of the best things to do once you arrive at the top of Sandia Peak is to hike. But remember these important safety tips. Don’t hike alone. Bring plenty of water and notify someone of your route/destination if you plan to go far. Be prepared for the weather to change. The weather can change unexpectedly and can cause the Tramway to close and you searching for cover.

Mountain Bike

6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

Because of the current construction on Ten3 (new restaurant at the top of Sandia Peak), the ski lift that normally operates during the summer is closed and the trails are not being maintained. Mountain Biking is still available at your leisure, but until construction of Ten3 is complete you will have to wait to enjoy the normal summer activities. Check back here for the latest updates.

Ski Sandia Peak

6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

Sandia Peak has some of the longest cruising terrain, a large trail network for cross country skiers, and a terrain park for snowboarders. If you want to ski but need to learn, the Sandia Peak Ski Area and Tramway have you covered. You can take a short 30-minute drive around the base of Sandia Peak to the East Side of the mountain or if you have your own equipment you can bring it with you on the tram.

Ride a Coaster (Coming Soon)

6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

In 2015 an idea was sparked to add a Sandia Peak Roller Coaster. They are currently working with the Forest Service to complete an assessment of environmental, economic, cultural, wildlife, geological, archeological, visual management, recreation opportunities, and public comments. Once this is complete construction will take place.

Have you ever visited Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway? What was your favorite way to experience it?

6 Ways to Explore Sandia Peak

Written by: Amanda Huffman

Photo Credit: Pixabay and SandiaPeak.com

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