8 Reasons to Stay in a Crash Pad During Flight School

8 Reasons to Stay in a Crash Pad During Flight School

Have you tried finding an apartment or rental house in a military town in the summer? Or a short-term furnished apartment just for flight school? It’s downright impossible. Most flight students try to find a place close to base that they can easily break the lease on when their orders finally drop. But there is a much easier way to arrange temporary housing.


Military Crashpad®® is changing the TDY housing game. They offer great accommodations within the budget the military sets for you. There are many more benefits to staying in a Crash Pad during flight school but here are just a few of them:


Flexible Leases

We know that the military moves very quickly, yet at the same time can move very slowly. One of the most stressful parts about training assignments is the unpredictability. So, while you may be in training for six months, it quickly turns into nine months because of the weather or maintenance delays. While your graduation date approaches, you still don’t have orders. Staying at a crash pad means you don’t have to stress over giving your 30-day notice to your landlord.


Military friendly

Dealing with landlords and realtors can be a hassle, but the staff at Military Crashpad®® understand the military lifestyle. They can provide you with understanding, compassion, and assistance like no one else. Simply put, they “get it.”


Maid Service

Yes, you can get housekeeping to come into your hotel room, but when you stay in a traditional TDY rental or a furnished apartment, you’re stuck cleaning. Forget fighting with your housemates about whose turn it is to clean the kitchen because your stay at a Crash Pad comes with maid service. We know you’ll use that extra time for studying. Right?


Fully Equipped Kitchen

Flight school is full of long, hard days and at the end of them, you’ll appreciate having a fully-equipped kitchen to come home to. Whether you want to cook family-style meals with your roommates or make a peanut butter sandwich, either way, everything you need to cook your meals is available in your Crash Pad kitchen.


Utilities without the hassle

Setting up utilities at each place you move in your military career is a huge hassle and there’s no reason to get into this during flight school. All of the utilities, including cable and Wi-Fi, are included with your Crash Pad experience.


Close to base

After those long days of training, the last thing you want to do is battle traffic and spend another 30 minutes in the car. PIT Pads and Crash Pads are located close to the installation, making that part a breeze. All Military Crashpad®® locations come with complimentary Lyft credits for those who want to treat themselves to a night on the town. Location is key.


Friendship and Community

Hotels rooms can be lonely. They all the look the same, they get very cluttered, and there is no room for hanging out with friends. With a Crash Pad, you’ll have plenty of common areas to gather with friends and housemates to make the days away from family better. The friends you meet at flight school will be the ones you spend a lot of time with during the rest of your career.

Family Friendly

For those attending flight school with their family or spouse, Crash Pads are a must. This way you can spread out in the house (i.e., no sharing a hotel room with kids!) and really enjoy your stay. Some of the Crash Pads are even pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry family members with you as well.


There are so many reasons to book your Crash Pad for the next phase of your training. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Written by Rebecca Alwine Exclusively for Military Crashpad®®


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