4 Things to Do After You PCS

When you search Pinterest, or Google “Military PCS” and you will find hundreds of articles and blog posts about the moving process. What to pack, what not to pack, checklists and binders; but what about after the PCS? You arrive in your new home and you have all your belongings, maybe only a few things […]

Why You Should Travel with Your Service Member for TDY

During the civil war, it was common for spouses to travel with their troops. Whether they were cooking, sewing, or acting as nurses it was fairly common to see them in camp. These days traveling with a military service member on deployment isn’t an option, but traveling with a service member isn’t entirely off the […]

Enjoy Your Summer in San Antonio

Welcome to San Antonio y’all! Maybe you’ve been here for a while, or maybe the last time you were here was boot camp. Its May, so it’s the perfect Texas month. The humidity has settled in, but it’s not yet unbearable. And you’re in that perfectly mild month before the Texas summer really kicks in. […]

A Year’s Worth of Things to Do at Keesler AFB

Welcome to Keesler AFB and Biloxi, Mississippi! As a service member or military family in a new place, it can be tough to get to know your new community. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in your new home is to experience local community events. You really get the true flavor of your […]

Why PCS Season is the BEST Time to Head on Vacation

PCS season is in full swing. With worries about new housing arrangements, getting the kids signed up for new schools and household goods (don’t get me started on HHG), I’m sure planning a vacation is the furthest thing from your mind. However, many military families often do themselves a disservice by not taking advantage of […]

4 Ways to Enjoy Christmas Around Fort Meade

Christmas here on the East Coast is pretty magical. Maybe it’s the snow or the old buildings in old towns; but whatever it is, Christmas is a big deal around here. The entire town turns out for a celebration, Christmas lights are everywhere, and there is something for everyone this holiday season.  So while you […]

Is It Really PCS Time, Again?

About 40% of military families PCS – or move – each summer. But another big wave of PCSing happens in the winter. We all know PCSing can be a blast, and incredibly stressful! Some of the good parts are: eating out every day (no cooking!), staying in hotels (no cleaning!), and traveling. PCSing does require […]

Why You Should Try Space A For Your Next Vacation

Have you ever wanted to go on a family getaway, but didn’t know how you would be able to afford a flight, accommodations, and attractions? Enter the wonderful world of Space-A Travel. Space Available Travel (Space-A), can save you an immense amount of money when traveling. If you would like to take a trip within […]


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