Four Reasons to Get Excited About Your Fall Move

Four Reasons to Get Excited About Your Fall Move

At first thought, a fall move isn’t the most ideal. You don’t have the benefit of summer vacation to get into a rhythm before school starts. You’re already in the middle of your well-established routines. The holidays are barreling towards you, and how can you decorate when you don’t even have all of your belongings! But in true military fashion if you think positive, the upsides to a fall move are out there.

Save Money

Traveling might just be a little cheaper in the fall and winter than it is in the summertime. While traveling on a holiday can be expensive, overall you might find fall travel to be a little cheaper and easier, especially when you’re moving your family. People are done taking their summer vacations, which means some tourist destinations might not be as crowded, so taking advantage of off-season visits while traveling to your next duty location might be an inexpensive way to see the country as well.

Better Movers

Moving Companies aren’t as busy in the fall. Yes, we know people move around all year long. But the companies who deal with military families might just be a little bit less busy during the “off-season.” And less busy means better quality. Who knows, you might have the luxury of storing your household goods longer or even getting that coveted door-to-door move! And for those of you doing a DITY move, the extra savings will be passed along to you!

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Great Weather

Fall is such a fun and cozy time of year. Yes, beach and pool season is fun, but a move during fall can be just as fun. Cities are having their Oktoberfests, there are corn mazes, apple cider, and Halloween parades galore. This is a perfect time to meet new people and get to know your city during a festive time of year. Meeting people is easier when you can invite people over for football games!

More Crashpads

Find one of our furnished crashpads to ease into the holiday season. Host your family for Thanksgiving without the stress of unpacking or a stack of boxes. The comfort of finding yourself in a cozy home instead of a hotel room while you transition to your new duty station is invaluable and one of our top goals here at Military Crashpads.

When the weather cools and the leaves turn, moving trucks are the last things you think you want to see. But a fall move is a great way to reboot before the new year. And it gives you a chance to slow down and remember what’s important.

Written by: Rheanna Bernard

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