How to Prepare for Back to School When You Are Moving

Moving is hard for kids. Uprooting their lives and moving them to a new place isn’t easy any time of the year. Moving right before the school year comes with its own set of challenges–starting in a new place, learning the new schools, shopping for back to school, and getting your kids adjusted to a new place and a new school all at the same time. Thankfully our military kids are resilient, ready to face a new challenge and anything else that gets thrown at them. Here are a few ways we help us and them prepare to hit the ground running as they head back to school.

Make it Exciting

How to Prepare for Back to School When You Are Moving

These days it’s so easy to shop online, especially for school supplies. Frankly, it’s easier and many times it’s a lot cheaper. Especially when you are moving and you have a shorter timeframe to do it. But, when you are moving to a new place and starting in a new school, back-to-school shopping might be just the thing to get everyone excited! Let the kids pick out special items that will give them the confidence to take on their new school. It’s the perfect time for new backpacks, shoes, and fun pencil cases.

Plug Into the Community

How to Prepare for Back to School When You Are Moving

Feeling connected to the community that you’re moving to can help you prepare for a great school year. Look into getting your kids involved in sports programs, the parks and recreation, and local clubs. Visit the library during events or find a local church youth group. Check and see if your neighborhood (on or off base) has a local pool. Sometimes pools offer a prorated, end of the season, membership. Giving them opportunities to connect with their new schoolmates can make the transition so much easier.

Reach Out to the School

How to Prepare for Back to School When You Are Moving

A really great way to prepare for back to school is to reach out to the school itself, especially the PTA. While the fear of PTA is real—we’ve all seen Bad Moms Club—the PTA is often a wealth of information including back to school events and after school clubs, as well as neighborhood events. When reaching out to the school itself, connecting with the school counselor is a wonderful opportunity to tell your child’s story and begin the advocacy, especially when you are living on base. They will probably know who the other military kids are and can possibly connect your child with other children. It never hurts to reach out and put yourself out there for your child!

What are your favorite ways to prepare for Back to School during a PCS? Join the conversation and share your stories and ideas with us!

How to Prepare for Back to School When You Are Moving

Written by: Rheanna Bernard

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