Crash Pad Benefits: Referrals for Permanent Housing!

Crash Pad Benefits: Referrals for Permanent Housing!

There are countless priorities to juggle, important decisions to make, and a variety of factors to consider when you are moving. We understand the pressures you’re facing!

Especially when you’re planning on moving somewhere long-term, it’s important to find the right fit for you, and potentially your spouse or family.


Military Crashpad® is part of a network of like-minded members of the military. We’ve heard horror stories about finding temporary and permanent military housing, and we know how to avoid the pitfalls! If you’re transitioning from a temporary military housing situation to a permanent one, we’d be happy to help you find the right fit wherever the military sends you next.

We are connected to an extensive network and we can provide you with the referrals you need to have a great experience during your next move.

Whether you’re currently staying in one of our crash pads, or planning ahead, get in touch with us to learn more! We’d love to chat with you.

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