4 Things to Do After You PCS

When you search Pinterest, or Google “Military PCS” and you will find hundreds of articles and blog posts about the moving process. What to pack, what not to pack, checklists and binders; but what about after the PCS? You arrive in your new home and you have all your belongings, maybe only a few things […]

Money Habits That Can Save You Thousands

Disciplined, considerate, and responsible are characteristics that often describe someone in the military. However, those principles aren’t always the case when it comes down to managing money, especially when those they have multiple deployments and TDYs that take them away from home.  Living a life where you are constantly on the move, trying to assimilate […]

5 Fresh Ways to Potluck Like a Pro This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means the holiday potluck season is upon us. Whether it’s last-minute magic you need, or a few fresh ideas to delight a crowd – these recipes are the perfect inspiration for your next holiday potluck. Short-Notice Showstoppers On more than one occasion, my husband has sent […]

Crash Pad 101: Where & How

In the first part of our Crash Pad 101 Series, we talked about what a crash pad is and why you should stay in one. Here’s a quick refresher: Crash Pad – a fully-furnished, full-service, housing option located off of the installation but that costs the same as on-base lodging. It may also be called […]

Crash Pad 101: The What and Why

Sometimes, military life can be confusing. Ridiculously confusing. Like when you have a four-day weekend and no one ever checks in on you, but the minute it starts raining hard on a Saturday, the phone tree gets activated and things start to get crazy. But there are one or two things we can clear up […]

Treat Yourself For Veterans Day

Our friends over at MilitaryBridge.com put together a fantastic list of Veterans Day discounts and deals, and picked some that you will especially like! From giveaways to discounts to free meals, they’ve got the full list over on their website. Keep scrolling for those we think you’ll like! Giveaways Hawks Cay Resort In Collaboration with […]

5 Ways to Meet People on TDY

Joining the military means making new friends. Luckily that initial training forces you to meet new people and doesn’t give you much time for anything else. But as you start moving around, you start developing techniques to meet people. You may have a standard way of greeting the neighbors or inviting the new person from […]

How to Get Settled Quickly at Your New Duty Station

If you ever saw the movie; The ‘Burbs, you may have an unfounded fear of meeting your new neighbors. You’re in luck! Most people live normal, everyday lives, just like you and me. Moving into your new home and getting to know your new neighbors should be exciting, not dreadful. In the past, meeting our […]

5 Ways to Find Hidden Gems in Your New City

PCS moves can be daunting tasks. Moving means more than just finding a new place to live and work; it can also mean finding a new favorite restaurant, hair parlor/barber shop or place to shop. While some duty stations have full selections right outside the gate, the reality is that some duty stations are a […]


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