Crash Pad 101: Where & How

Crash Pad 101: Where & How

In the first part of our Crash Pad 101 Series, we talked about what a crash pad is and why you should stay in one. Here’s a quick refresher:

Crash Pad – a fully-furnished, full-service, housing option located off of the installation but that costs the same as on-base lodging. It may also be called a PIT Pad if you’re going somewhere like Randolph AFB.

You should stay in them because they’re awesome! More specifically, the crash pads have everything you need plus housemates that understand what you’re going through and can help you study and prepare for you any training courses or classes you may be going through.

So now that you’ve decided to stay in one, let’s talk about what that looks like and where they are located.

Where are these crash pads?

Currently, we have 46 crash pads in 8 states. Some of them are 2-bedroom apartments and some of them, like Big Pool at Fort Meade, have five bedrooms. When you add it all up, we have 157 rooms – that’s 157 opportunities for you to stay with us. All crash pads are close to a military installation, they are all fully-furnished, and they are all ready for your stay!

Here’s a list of the installations where we currently have crash pads:

  • Military Crashpad Locations | Randolph PIT Pad | Altus Crash Pad | Randolph AFB Lodging | Kirltand Crashpad | Holloman Crashpad | Location MapAltus AFB
  • Columbus AFB
  • Fort Meade
  • Holloman AFB
  • Keesler AFB
  • Kirtland AFB
  • Little Rock AFB
  • Maxwell AFB
  • Randolph AFB
  • Sheppard AFB
  • Vance AFB
  • Wright Patterson AFB


We are expanding our network of crash pads, so make sure to check back frequently for updates and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you are getting up-to-date information in preparation for you PCS or TDY.

How does it work?

Staying in a crash pad is simple, and won’t cost you anything out of pocket if you’re on orders or official government travel. Here’s how it works.

  1. Choose your crash pad.
  2. Submit the reservation form online.
  3. That’s it! We’ll contact you and set it all up.

Don’t forget – no out of pocket expenses when traveling on orders. Your cost is the same as what you’d pay for lodging on the installation.

And if you’re using a crash pad for vacation or leisure travel, we have some great, competitive rates. Just let us know when you’ll be in town and we’ll set you up.

Ready to book your next adventure? Whether it’s a TDY, PCS, or just a quick visit to a new duty station, be our guest.

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