Crash Pad 101: The What and Why

Crash Pad 101: The What and Why

Sometimes, military life can be confusing. Ridiculously confusing. Like when you have a four-day weekend and no one ever checks in on you, but the minute it starts raining hard on a Saturday, the phone tree gets activated and things start to get crazy. But there are one or two things we can clear up for you. Like what exactly a crashpad is and why you should stay in one.

Throughout this series – we’re going to answer some of your top questions regarding crashpads. When we’re through, you may not know how to file a travel claim or clear CIF without any charges, but you will be an expert on crashpads.

Crashpad? What is that?

If you’re part of the pilot community, you may have heard the term “crashpad” mentioned before. If you’re not – don’t worry – here’s the breakdown.

Crash pad – a fully-furnished, full-service, housing option located off of the installation that costs the same as on-base lodging. It may also be called a PIT Pad if you’re going somewhere like Randolph AFB.

Basically, a crashpad is like corporate housing but exclusively for military members. It gives you all the comforts of a home, with much less hassle. Let’s breakdown what’s included in your $77 a night (hey, that’s what you’d pay on base!). We think this list will help you realize what a value that is!

  • Fully-furnished – queen sized beds, linens, and furniture provided
  • Fully equipped kitchens – utensils, cleaning supplies, and even Tupperware included
  • Basic household items – paper towels and hand soap
  • Bi-weekly maid service
  • Free Lyft credits
  • Utilities, full cable programming with sports packages & WiFi included on a 60”+ TV
  • Some houses even have pools!

Why You Should Stay in a Crashpad

Throughout the military experience, there are several reasons you may be looking for temporary lodging. TDY for training or schools are one of them. So is house hunting while PCSing. Maybe you’re even looking at taking a vacation at one of the locations where we have a crashpad. For all of these reasons, you’ll want to look into staying in a crashpad.

Our crashpads are a great way to build community, grow friendships, and develop a network, particularly in the training years. Imagine study groups in a beautiful living room or outside by the pool and celebratory BBQs after passing a big test. Those who are stuck in temporary lodging will love coming over to cook in the kitchen and enjoy the game on the big screen.

If you have a pet you don’t want to leave behind, select crashpads allow you to bring them along. You can also bring your significant other and children. Sometimes, the entire crashpad is available for reservations, which means your entire family can enjoy a vacation or long weekend. Maybe in the summer you’re heading TDY and want to bring everyone. Crashpads for the win!

We’re a little biased of course, but we think everyone should be staying in a Military Crashpad! Agree with us? Make your reservation today, and share with your friends.

Written by: Rebecca Alwine

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