Crash Pad Benefits: Referrals for Permanent Housing!

There are countless priorities to juggle, important decisions to make, and a variety of factors to consider when you are moving. We understand the pressures you’re facing! Especially when you’re planning on moving somewhere long-term, it’s important to find the right fit for you, and potentially your spouse or family.   Military Crashpad® is part […]

Meet Your Personal In-Home Chef – Chef Nade

Our mission is to provide each military member with a comfortable and affordable place to stay whenever they’re traveling on orders. We couldn’t do that without our team members and support from our local community so we’d like to highlight one of our favorite community partners. Introducing our very own, Nadine Dorantes, or as we and the tenants like to […]

Military Crashpad®: We Know What It Means To Serve

Lt Johnny Cruz Buckingham had just received orders to Altus AFB to train to become an aerial refueling pilot in the KC-135. The training program was supposed to last five months before he would move on to his permanent assignment at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA. Rather than staying in On-Base Lodging (a basic hotel […]

Short-Term Renting: This is What You Need to Know

When you’re moving homes for a short period of time there are many arrangements that need to be made. Whether you’re relocating for an assignment or going on a TDY, finding suitable short-term accommodations can be a stressful process. The sky-high prices of hotels make it near to impossible to make ends meet and on-base […]


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