Make Your Next PCS an Awesome Road Trip

Make Your Next PCS an Awesome Road Trip

Leaving your duty station has its perks, traveling, being the best one! Visiting new places and seeing new things is something seasoned military members and their families long for. We are so used to moving every few years, that many of us get the desire to travel if we are stagnant for too long. If you are taking a road trip, chances are you are going to be making some stops along the way. To make the most of your trip, you’ve got to get into the proper mindset. Let’s Road Trip!

Planning Your Route

Depending on the amount of time you’ve allotted for your road trip, you are going to want to maximize your time. Before your trip, map out a few different routes. Find out which one will best suit your needs. Google Maps and MapQuest are some of the most accurate maps in the U.S. If you have time to spare during your trip, take the scenic route or visit historical destinations on your journey.

Enjoy the View

If you have the time during your road trip, make a few scenic stops. Trip Advisor lists reviews for some of the coolest historical sites, the best restaurants, and the most popular places to stay. Eat at a local diner or visit a small-town fair. Learn as you go. Use your trip to learn about new cultures before you get to your new duty station.

Be Prepared

Taking a road trip can be expensive if you are not prepared. Take snacks that are easy to distribute and are good at room temperature. Plan out your snacks, just like meal prepping. Buy in advance, divide them up, and have them ready to go. That will help keep your vehicle cleaner and make your trip a little less stressful. Make sure you have a First Aid Kit in your car as well. Trust us, buying one in advance will save you a bit of money.

Cater to the Children

Add a little fun to your trip by incorporating travel games, books, or a tablet to help keep your children entertained. Using a child’s lunch box is a great way to store games in your vehicle without taking up a lot of room. Crossword puzzles are another great option. Most children have tablets of some kind, but try to use those as a last resort, or during the younger child’s nap time. You want them to get the most out of the trip, right?

Enjoy Yourself

Take in the amazing sights and sounds the world has to offer! We are so busy living our lives we don’t often stop to smell the roses. Take time during your trip to visit historical sites and check out the beautiful scenery. Be safe and don’t forget to enjoy your road trip!

Don’t forget to check out our crashpads when making your PCS road trip plans. Stay night or two on your way, or use as a temporary lodging when you arrive. For a list of our locations, click here. Happy road tripping!

Written by: Marla Bautista

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