Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your TDY to Randolph AFB

Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your TDY to Randolph AFB

You just got your orders to San Antonio and maybe its been a while since you’ve been there. Was the last time when your Air Force spouse crossed into the blue? Maybe you’ve never been there at all, or maybe you go TDY there all the time. Whatever is bringing you to Randolph AFB or the San Antonio area, Military Crashpad has got you covered with our round-up of San Antonio blog posts.

As usual, we’ve also got you covered with our great selection of crash pads. Check out our San Antonio properties. Reserve your spot today and start your TDY off right.

Grab a Drink

Want to find your new local bar or restaurant? We’ve got you covered with our list of places to check out that will have you eating and drinking like a local! No need to go to all the places the tourists check out. We know that as a military service member, getting to know your community is a top priority. Let us know which place is your favorite.

Know Where to Take Guests

After you’ve eaten like a local and hopefully found your neighborhood favorites, it might be time to check out some of our favorite places! These are perfect for when friends come to visit or new military families come into town. This list will help you find the perfect place – from European to classic Tex-Mex you can find it all here!

Places to Study

Now that you’ve settled in you might be looking for some quiet places to either study (we know that Military life right?!) read a book, to work from home (not at home) or just get away! Check out these 7 places that are perfect for that!

Play Tourist

Another easy way to get to know your city is to play tourist whenever you can! Getting a crash course in your new ‘hometown’ can be really fun if you know where to go. We’ve got a couple of ways to make the most of your time in San Antonio or the start of your list to really immerse yourself in Military Town USA!

San Antonio is a great place to visit, and live! There’s a reason it’s known as Military Town, USA! It’s the home of the USAF and is also a place many military families find themselves retiring. It is full of culture, great food, and some pretty neat history. We hope this roundup of some of our favorite San Antonio information help you prepare for your TDY!

everything you need to know to plan your TDY to Randolph AFB

Written by: Rheanna Bernard

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