7 Best Places to Study in San Antonio

7 Best Places to Study in San Antonio

Heading to San Antonio for flight school? It’s going to be epic. But, it’s also going to be more than exploring new places and having fun. Studying is going to take over – some parts – of your life. We know different people study in different ways, and maybe sitting at home isn’t quite your thing. But you’ve found yourself in a new city and you’re not sure where to go? Get out and explore your new city while finding the perfect (for you) study spot!

Museum River Walk Trail

Museum Reach is a 1.33-mile section of the famous San Antonio River Walk, which includes the San Antonio Zoo, Japanese Tea Gardens, and other attractions. If you like being in nature this is probably the place for you.

San Antonio River Walk

And since we are at it, check out the main part of the River Walk. Choose one of the restaurants, grab a book, and enjoy the background noise of the bustling atmosphere. This would also be a great place for a group study session.

San Antonio Public Libraries

The nearest public library is a great study spot. With quiet rooms, computers to use, and plenty of seating, the library is the perfect place to get some quiet studying done.

Landa Library Gardens

Although part of the Library system, these gardens aren’t part of a physical building. Reviews on Trip Advisor repeatedly mention the quiet beauty of this park. If you enjoy the outdoors but are looking for something quieter than the Riverwalk, Landa Library Gardens might be the perfect choice for you.

Barnes and Noble

Nothing quite like the old standby of Barnes and Noble. Grab a coffee and treat from their café and pull up a chair. Need a break from your studying? Peruse the shelves and grab a book or magazine to give your brain a rest.

Rosella Coffee

Not a chain coffee type person? San Antonio has got you covered. Two of the local coffee shops have made the list. Rosella Coffee is located in downtown San Antonio, but outside of the normal touristy areas. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee or get a bite to eat throughout the day. With its open floor plan and seating options, you’ve got a couple hours of good studying ahead of you. Visit their two other locations for a change of pace.

Halycon Coffee

Looking for a coffee place with a casual vibe? Grab a spot at one of the numerous oversized cushy green couches and get some studying done. Halycon also serves brunch, so you can get a couple hours of studying in without needing to leave for food. Then when the day is done you can come back for happy hour when the coffee shop transforms into a bar and lounge.

Are you ready for your TDY to San Antonio? Make sure you make a reservation at our crash pad and then check out the awesome things to do in the area. And make sure you have some time set aside for studying.

Written by: Rheanna Bernard

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