5 Ways to Explore the Local Area On a Business Trip

5 Ways to Explore the Local Area On a Business Trip

If you associate a business trip with “busy and boring” then you’ve likely been doing it all wrong. Business trips are the perfect opportunity to explore a new city and gain some pretty meaningful experiences in a short amount of time. If you’re heading on a business trip and want to explore on a time crunch, here are 5 Ways to Explore the Local Area During Your Time off on a Business Trip.


  1. Ask Conference Staff and the Front Desk for Suggestions


When you’re looking to explore an area on a time crunch, your best assets are the locals. Asking a local about the best things to see, do or eat can take away a lot of the guessing games that come with planning a trip. Simply stop by the front desk of your hotel or ask conference staff members for their opinions. Many may also have a list of suggestions to give you. Let them know how much time or money you have to spend and ask for their suggestions with that information.  Locals can likely help you get the most bang for your buck and let you know which tourist attractions are a waste of your time and how to avoid tourist traps altogether.


  1. Use Apps to Discover Attractions Near You


If your business trip is more of a solo venture, no worries! Apps and social media are some of your best assets for discovering a new destination. Apps like Yelp and Trip Advisor allow you to search for things by category near your current destination. Recommendations are based on peer-rated, top attractions, and usually help you to make good decisions about what to see, do or eat quickly. Download these Free apps and start exploring like a local!



  1. Make Use of Public Transportation


Most metropolitan cities have multiple ways to get around inexpensively. If one of your gripes about exploring on a business trip is traffic or having to drive after a long day, public transportation can be one of the best workarounds for that common issue. Aside from using rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, most public transit stations allow you to purchase short term reloadable passes for the length of your business trip. Some other great ideas are renting a scooter or bike to accomplish fitness and exploration at one time or hopping on a city tour bus to accomplish transportation and learning some fun facts/ history about the city that you are visiting. Again, apps can help you to determine what is available in your surrounding area.



  1. Consider the Benefits of a Business or Travel Credit Card


While a business trip is already on someone else’s dime, it is always a great idea to save money when and how you can. If you travel frequently or have a business or travel credit card, don’t forget to discover some of the benefits on those credit cards. Many of them make you eligible for discounts on events and attractions and free services during your trip. Additionally, if you have quite a bit of points saved up, you can use them to upgrade your trip to something more luxurious like an upscale dinner or upgraded hotel room.



  1. Invite Others to Join You


You would be surprised how many people choose to not explore on a business trip to avoid doing it alone. If this is you, consider reaching out to others who are on the trip with you. Not only is this a great opportunity for team building but many times, you will also be eligible for group discounts.


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