5 Great Road Trips from Holloman AFB

5 Great Road Trips from Holloman AFB

Holloman AFB is located near Alamogordo, NM a small town that largely survives due to the military community and those who find employment on base. We’ve also got a great crash pad there for those on TDY! And while it is a small town with not a lot to do. There are plenty of road trips worth the drive in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.

White Sands National Monument

Just south of Holloman AFB is the White Sands National Monument. There is an entrance fee, but if you have a National Park Pass you can use it there. There is a lot to see and do on the Dunes. After checking out the Visitor’s Center you can head out to the sand dunes for a nature hike or to go sledding on the sand. There are other ways to explore the dunes check out permits fora large gathering, camping, and horse or other pack animal experiences. Also, make sure to look for special events. Seeing hot air balloons take off at White Sands is an experience not to be missed.

Las Cruces and White Sands Missile Range Museum

While Alamogordo leaves a lot to be desired a short 1-hour drive to Las Cruces, NM can help you find more to do. On the way to Las Cruces, you can also stop and see White Sand Missile Range Museum where they have a variety of missiles and rockets. Admission is free. In Las Cruces, you will find a number of larger stores (including Target), a movie theater and other chain restaurants or hidden spots to eat. One of my favorite places to eat in Las Cruces is Si Senor, the original Si Senor was started in Deming, NM and there is another one located in Alamogordo, but the one in Las Cruces has a different feel and the food is delicious.


Just 3.5 hours north of Holloman AFB you will find Albuquerque, NM. There you will find plenty to keep you busy. You can check out the local downtown area and eat amazing New Mexican food full of hatch chili. Albuquerque is also home to Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway. In the summer you can ride to the top for hiking and outdoor exploring or even dinner with a view. In the winter you can take the tram to partake in the winter sport of skiing and snowboarding. There are always great views and breathtaking scenery. There is also Albuquerque Bio Park which is a zoo, aquarium, botanica garden, and Tingley beach. And plenty of places to shop and eat. From Albuquerque, you can continue North to Santa Fe (New Mexico’s capital) or Taos to continue your road trip adventure.

Roswell/Carlsbad Caverns

One of my favorite road trips was when we drove to Roswell for the UFO Festival.  The festival is in early July. There are various activities and even documentation pulled together from the historic Roswell space incident. Most events are free. As an added bonus, the drive from Alamogordo to Roswell is a beautiful one. About an hour South of Roswell is Carlsbad Caverns. You can enter the cave through the mouth and hike down to the Big Room or you can take an elevator down to the Big Room for exploring or other guided tours. The Big Room is almost 4,000 ft long and 625 feet wide and 225 high. The Big Room is the 5th largest chamber in the United States. These two sites make for a great road trip adventure.


In the mountains above the basin that Holloman AFB resides in is Cloudcroft and Ruidoso NM. Cloudcroft is short 40-minute drive up the mountain. There you will find a small number of shops and a few restaurants. There is also hiking, mountain biking and skiing in the winter.  You can continue your journey and head to Ruidoso, NM. It is about an hour from both Holloman AFB and Cloudcroft. Another small town with shopping and small eateries. There is also hiking, mountain biking and a larger ski area. Not too far from Ruidoso, you can find Inn of the Mountain Gods which is a resort and casino. They have regular concerts with various artist, Ziplining and an award-winning restaurant with an amazing view.

These are just a few of the great locations you can check out from Holloman AFB. Make your reservation at our Holloman crash pad today!

Written by Amanda Huffman

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