Why You Should Try Space A For Your Next Vacation

Why You Should Try Space A For Your Next Vacation

Have you ever wanted to go on a family getaway, but didn’t know how you would be able to afford a flight, accommodations, and attractions? Enter the wonderful world of Space-A Travel. Space Available Travel (Space-A), can save you an immense amount of money when traveling. If you would like to take a trip within the states or even outside of the U.S., using Space-A is the simple and financially savvy way to go.

Preparing for Travel

Before hopping on a plane, there are a few steps to make sure that Space-A is not only right for you, but is also convenient. First, find out what category you are in.  There are six travel categories that are for specified personnel and DoD ID Card holders. You can find out what category you are in by visiting the Space-A Travel Categories section of the AMC website.

Second, fill out a Space-A Travel request form. Various, yet important, information will be needed on the request form, such as leave dates, number of travelers, and requested destinations. Finally, your request form must be sent to the AMC Terminal you want to depart from. If this is not done, your request may take more time to be granted.  Some terminals offer travel to destinations specific to their region. Do a little research prior to sending you request.  Make sure your chosen terminal offers flights to the destination you prefer.

What You Need

Flying Space-A does require a little more paperwork than booking a normal flight through a commercial carrier. You will need orders, or letters allowing you to fly without a service member. Government issued ID is required when traveling, and a passport if flying abroad. If you are bringing a pet, make sure you have up-to-date records on hand. If you are being accompanied by a service animal, you must provide the animal’s identification card and written documentation stating that the animal is a trained service animal.


Another great reason to travel through Space-A is baggage allowance.  Space-A allows each passenger to check in two bags, weighing up to 70 pounds, for free! However, if your bags are overweight – or you have too many – you will be charged a fee upwards of $125. But still great news for travelers. Bags at commercial airlines are rarely free with the purchase of your airline ticket. Even carry-ons are slowly being pushed-out by airlines. Although, Space-A does allow both carry-on and checked bags, if your baggage is too big or too heavy they will not allow it on the flight, not even for a fee. Contact your flight terminal for more information about baggage specifications.

Tips for Space-A Travel

Be prepared to wait. Taking Space-A does save money, but you must be prepared to sacrifice time. Sometimes delays come in the form of emergencies at the terminal, problems with planes, or with personnel. As with any airline, flights can be delayed or canceled. And, unique to Space-A, there may not be enough seats to accommodate your party. Have a back up plan in case you aren’t able to get a flight on your preferred travel date. Make sure you have a place to stay or transportation, so you are not stranded. Follow the terminal’s Facebook page, so you can get the most up to date flight information. Also, remember that flight check-in can begin up to six hours prior to your flight, so allow plenty of time to check in and get situated.

Travelling Space-A is a great way to save money and be close to military amenities like lodging, the commissary, and the Exchange. Take time and do your research, make a plan, and travel away with Space-A!

Written exclusively for Military Crashpad by: Marla Bautista

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