The Very Scary Side of Temporary Lodging

The Very Scary Side of Temporary Lodging

What’s wrong with staying in on-base lodging?

Nothing, really. Lodging is … lodging. You get your basic bed, bathroom and sometimes a small kitchen.

But sometimes things go wrong. And when they do, they go very wrong.

We asked some of our military friends to share their lodging horror stories. And boy were some of them horrible!

Several talked about bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. One had small spiders crawling all over the ceiling, and recounted how the doorknob fell off when she tried to flee the room. Another had cockroaches crawling on the floor. And still another had ants crawling on the bed.

And there was the spouse who recalls staying in lodging with “diarrhea leaking toilets.” We didn’t ask for details. Just the description sounds bad enough!

Sometimes it’s great to bring your fur babies along for the trip. But you know what’s not so great? When you don’t have a pet, and you are stuck in a pet room that hasn’t been properly cleaned. The room in question was covered in pet hair and smelled like the furry friend who stayed there had some potty issues. That same room had a hole in the wall above the toilet and closet doors that kept falling off their tracks.

Some lodging “horror” stories are just plain funny. Like the lady who lost of track of time and walked into the laundry room five minutes after the timer on her dryer went off, only to find a very polite Marine folding her underwear. (Of course, we could also go on and on about those who are just plain rude and leave their laundry in the dryer for hours).

And let’s not forget the time we showed up at lodging after a long overseas flight, craving a glass of wine or a bottle of German beer. But there was no corkscrew or bottle opener to be found in the “fully stocked” kitchen. That truly was a lodging horror story!

As with many things military, lodging is usually a victim of the lowest bidder syndrome – it’s run on the tightest budget possible.

That most often shows itself in the lack of conveniences. Like when you check into lodging and have work to do, or a class to catch up on, or you just want to chill with a little Xbox? More often than not, the wifi in lodging is spotty at best. Guests resort to sitting outside the hallway on the floor or walking around trying to find the wifi sweet spot, sometimes even outside the hotel. And the cable TV selection, let alone the TV itself, is a whole other story.

What’s the best way to avoid these and other horror stories? Stay in one of our crash pads, of course!

Here are six reasons why a crash pad is better than lodging:

  1. Our crash pads have high-speed wifi. Plus gaming systems and 60-inch flat screens. No more hauling your Xbox or PS4 around with you when you travel, and no more wandering around holding your iPad in the air trying to get a signal.
  2. Crash pads are privately owned homes that are carefully screened to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. You have personal contact and personal service. Rooms are cleaned regularly, and if any maintenance issues do arise, they are addressed asap.
  3. Gourmet meals and late-night snacks are easy to accomplish in our modern, well-stocked kitchens. Crash pad gives you a full kitchen, with all amenities. Some of our rooms even come with some meals delivered free.
  4. Laundry is right in the house, so no more schlepping up or down two floors, digging for quarters and hoping you catch your dryer before the timer goes off.
  5. Many of our homes have a pool, a ping pong table, a fire pit, or other amenities that help you relax in your off-time. You have the convenience of being close to base, but the ability to get away and relax.
  6. Crash pads aren’t just a room. They’re your home, for however long you are away from home.

Written by Jan Wesner Childs


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