What you need to know about your TDY to Wright-Patterson AFB

What you need to know about your TDY to Wright-Patterson AFB

When you’re heading to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, you might be thinking you will be out in the middle of nowhere. Ohio can be a wide-open space! However, Wright-Pat, as it is sometimes called, is only a short drive to Dayton, so the options are better than you originally thought. It is also one of the largest air force bases so that it can feel like it a whole town in and of itself. The base itself full of history, since it is named for the Wright Brothers.

The Wright-Pat CrashPad

Don’t forget you can stay in one of our crashpads instead of a stuffy, standard hotel room on base, without paying anything extra! Our Wright-Patterson Crashpad has a fenced in yard -and is pet-friendly – with a fire pit in the backyard. It’s conveniently located between the Defense Acquisition University and the air force base. With a two-car garage, two living rooms and a media room, and an air hockey table you can mix and mingle with roommates, classmates, or take some time for yourself. Reserve your spot in this four bedroom, three bathroom crashpad today!

Schools and Work Options

Considering bringing your family on this TDY? The local area has plenty of public schools, and also offers some private and charter school options. The installation is located near a good-sized city, which means there are decent options for spouse employment nearby. If you’re looking to continue your education, local college options include Sinclair Community College.

Things to Do

We know what you might be thinking, “It’s Ohio, what could there possibly be to do there?” But we here at Military Crashpad believe in really living and exploring where you live. It’s all about finding the hidden gems. And pretending you are a long-term tourist can help you feel like you belong in your new community.

Wright-Patterson is home to the National Air Force Museum, the official Air Force Museum, and the largest and oldest aviation museum in the world. If you like the Air Force or airplanes, this is the place for you. The Aviation Hall of Fame is also in Dayton. You can find art museums, orchestras, outdoor opportunities, large flea markets, and antique stores, as well as beer tastings. “All things are possible,” is Ohio’s State Motto, and from the looks of it, they are spot on! So, jump in and enjoy Ohio.

Written by Rheanna Benard

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  1. Can you send me more info on the military crashpad located near Wright-Patterson AFB please? Cost and if available the end of March and beginning of April? How many bedrooms?
    Thank you!!

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