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Think BIG. Like, Texas BIG. Like, Thomas Jefferson’s invention of the swivel chair. The Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk. Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. Think BIG like the internet, the iPhone, and Facebook. These are all U.S. and/or military made inventions shaping the way the modern world has evolved and that help make our lives just a little bit easier. But what if someone told you something bigger was in the works? No, it’s not another announcement of the Air Force changing from the ABU to the ACU. We’re talking about something much bigger. is reimagining what it means to travel, to share, to live.

The Pilot Problem


If you haven’t already heard, there’s a massive pilot shortage, not just in the military community, but in the commercial airline industry as well. There are two primary causes of this worldwide pilot shortage. The first is a massive amount of commercial airline pilots hitting the FAA mandatory retirement age. The second was created by the numerous budget cuts during the Obama administration which resulted in thousands of pilots being released from the military. The domino effect on the military side is that the pilot force is undermanned while the amount of missions has increased. This has resulted in an extremely high ops tempo that forces many pilots to be away from home, resulting in poor quality of life.

The airlines are able to easily incentivize pilots to leave the military once their commitments are up through a combination of higher pay, better quality of life, and less time away from home. As military pilots continue to transition to the airlines, this creates an even bigger pilot shortage which means the remaining pilots have to pick up the extra workload.

Military Members Are Traveling More, Both Home And Abroad


As military members progress through their careers, they’re often sent to training programs across the country for weeks or months at a time. They can be away from home as much as 220 days a year or more, depending on their specific job. That time away from home can cause a lot of issues in personal relationships, as time and distance rarely help solve problems. The high divorce rate in the military can be attributed, in some part, to the simple fact that a lot of married couples don’t get to see each other as much as their civilian counterparts.

During these training programs, the military will pay for or reimburse their lodging expenses, as long as they meet the guidelines of the GSA. However, they will not pay for the additional costs associated with housing or transporting their family or pets. If a service member chooses to bring either of those, they must find their own lodging that will match their reimbursable rate or be prepared to pay the added cost out of their own pocket.

With all that being said, what if there was a solution you could be a part of? A solution that would alleviate those stresses and negate those added costs with what truly matters — quality furnished housing near your place of work, networking with new friends, and the ability to bring your family and pets with you!

The Solution Is Called Military Crashpad®, And It’s Right At Your Fingertips.


Military Crashpad®’s mission? It’s simple: take the hassle out of finding short-term, affordable, furnished housing, that you can bring your family and friends to, giving you more time to do the important things in life. We’ve all experienced the pain of searching for a short-term lease and finding a fully-furnished home sounds like an impossibility when you tell your future landlord that you only want it for 6 months or less. Between full-time jobs, deployments, and our personal lives, none of us have time for scouring the web for furnished apartments, hauling furniture across the country, or hassling with cable and utility companies for your new place.

Going on a temporary duty assignment and don’t know where to stay? Don’t sweat it! Military Crashpad® offers beautifully furnished homes with elegant and comfortably designed decor, flexible month to month leases, DTS approved billing, all utilities included in your monthly rent, and no out of pocket costs if you’re on TDY orders. Imagine walking into a house with a game room that had a 70” wall mounted TV, pool table, and a comfortable sectional sofa surrounded by tasteful décor. Your reaction would be pretty close to those on “Fixer Upper” and that’s what our objective is.

The best part of using Military Crashpad® for your temporary housing needs is, not only do we provide our residents with a comfortable home big enough for their friends and family, but you also gain access to our ever-expanding network of military and housing professionals. Each of our homes is a hub for networking and a built-in community, connecting you to an endless network of new friends and professionals in our worldwide military community.

The next time you travel on military orders and need a temporary place to stay, visit and see what they have to offer you!


Military Crashpad®® is a veteran owned and operated company based in the heart of Military City (San Antonio, TX). Military Crashpad®’s mission is to provide amazing homes for military members and their families and to provide a network of housing and military professionals.


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