Explore Jacksonville, AR in 6 Fun Ways

Explore Jacksonville, AR in 6 Fun Ways

Little Rock Air Force Base is home to the C-130 and supports the largest C-130 fleet in the world. But sometimes the small-town feel of nearby Jacksonville can leave you feeling a little blue. But don’t worry, Arkansas has some great things to offer.

Whether you’re spending time at Little Rock AFB for C-130 school or have PCSed here, there are some great local attractions and places to hang out in the Jacksonville area. And some great crashpads for you to stay in.

Nearby Things to Do

Explore Jacksonville, AR in 6 Fun Ways

Jacksonville Museum of Military History

No trip to Jacksonville would be complete without exploring the Jacksonville Museum of Military History. Admission is super affordable, with the most expensive ticket costing $3. The location of the museum is pretty cool, it is housed the same place as the administration building of the Jacksonville Ordinance Plant was in World War II. It’s well worth a trip to learn about how the military has shaped Jacksonville and the rest of the country.

Reed’s Bridge Battlefield

Military and American history combine at Arkansas’s best-preserved Civil War site. At Reed’s Bridge Battlefield, there is a marker showing where Union trips were held off from their advance towards Little Rock in August 1863. Reenactments are held in odd-numbered years and there is also a cabin that shows what life was like during that era.

Places to Study near Little Rock AFB

Explore Jacksonville, AR in 6 Fun Ways

Local Library

The Central Arkansas Library System has a location in Jacksonville, perfect for studying alone or in groups. Located on Main Street, the Nixon Library branch is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, with late hours (until 8 pm) on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s huge, 13,500 square feet and has a great selection of books and DVDs if you want to grab something for the weekend.

Brew Yaya

A few miles up the road is a great coffee place, which opened just a few years ago. At Brew Yaya, they roast their own coffee and craft it into specialty drinks as well as regular cups of joe. They have a great atmosphere for hanging out and studying or meeting up with new friends to enjoy some live music or conversation.

Get Outside

Explore Jacksonville, AR in 6 Fun Ways

Dupree Park

Quite possibly the top park in Jacksonville, Dupree Park is over 160 acres and has almost everything you need. It’s also conveniently located on Park Street and is open 7 am to 10 pm daily. Amenities include baseball and softball fields, soccer and football fields, and an 18-hole disc golf course. If you’re interested in hiking, check out the 1.3-mile trail. And don’t forget about the dog park!

Splash Zone Water Park

Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the pool and water park that make up the Splash Zone Water Park is a great place to unwind after a long day of work or to enjoy on the weekends. The plunge pool has two water slides and a water tunnel, and there’s a great area for kids. Admission is super affordable at $5 per person and $1 for the slide.

Don’t let the great opportunities pass you by. Make your trip to Little Rock AFB the best by reserving your crashpad and exploring the local area.

Explore Jacksonville, AR in 6 Fun Ways

Written by: Rebecca Alwine

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