5 Renter Friendly Ideas for Decorating this Halloween

5 Renter Friendly Ideas for Decorating this Halloween

Transforming your crash pad or rental home into a delightfully spooky destination doesn’t have to break the bank, or leave holes in the drywall.

Even if you find yourself in temporary lodging for Halloween, here are several easy ideas to help you get the most out of your decorating dollars, and create the perfect spooky motif to enjoy the season!   

Window Decals

For decorations in a hurry, it’s hard to beat window decals. They tend to come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and all it takes is a little backlighting to transform your windows into spooky art. Many decals also tend to stick nicely to doors, and make for easy removal, a must in a rental!

Play up the Pumpkins

Pumpkins have long hailed reigned supreme in Halloween décor, notably as carved jack-o-lanterns, the custom originating in Gaelic-speaking countries in the 19th century. Original lanterns were carved from turnips, potatoes or beets—but as immigrants made their way to America, and brought their traditions with them, it was soon discovered that pumpkins were plentiful—and the perfect medium to create jack-o-lanterns.

Fresh pumpkins can be found at nearly every grocery store, and will actually keep for several weeks, uncarved. A few bright orange pumpkins can add an easy and quick pop of color to brighten up any doorstep, and even last through to Thanksgiving. Choose a variety of sizes and hues to play up the season.

Of course, carving jack-o-lanterns yourself can be quite fun and festive. But if your schedule doesn’t allow, there are also a plethora of faux options with pre-lit lamps.

Pick out Fall Decorations that Can Pull Double-Duty

Decorate your door or entryway with strands of leaved garland, curly willow branches, straw, and scarecrows—then loop in a little black ribbon to lend a spooky touch for the cool fall days leading up to Halloween.

And easy-peasy, once Halloween is over, simply remove the black ribbon, and the perfect fall decorations to finish the season are already in place!

A Little Cobweb Goes a Long Way

Add the finishing touches to your Halloween décor with a few wispy strands of cobwebs. The material is very inexpensive, and lends itself to generously thinning out and stretching, to decorate a larger surface area. Loop in a handful of inexpensive black plastic spiders for a nice, Halloween touch.

Stretch Decorating Dollars with Re-Usable Lanterns and Lights

Easily create a glowing walkway (or window ledge) with a few chic black lanterns. Even plain, clear-glass Mason jars can be used to set a charmingly creative glow, and brighten up your door.

Orange and white tissue paper bunches up nicely (and easily) in both Mason jars and lanterns. Tuck in a few inexpensive (and fire-hazard-friendly) LED tea lights to watch your walkway come alight in glowing orange “pumpkins” or hazy white “ghosts.”

Re-use the lanterns, or jars, to make a quick Thanksgiving centerpiece, or replace the tissue paper with white, battery-powered fairy lights, to create an elegant winter wonderland as the seasons change.

Decorate as much or as little as you want – with these fun and easy Halloween decorating tips!

Written by: Kristi Adams

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