5 of the BEST Ways to Explore A Destination

5 of the BEST Ways to Explore A Destination

Traveling to a new city is an exciting experience.  Most likely, you’ll want maximum time to explore sites and attractions while minimizing the time spent in a car hassling with traffic. If you’re like us and are longing to get the adventure started right away, here are our top suggestions for 5 of the BEST ways to explore a destination.


Trolley or Bus Tour 


Want the most bang for your buck? Considering a trolley or bus tour could be your best option. Taking a Tour via trolley or bus within your first few days of visiting a destination can help you get the lay of the land and maybe even a history/fun fact lesson. Tours like these allow you to explore different places around a city and learn which attractions are where. Hop-on, Hop-off tours specifically help you to travel to multiple places around a city in a day’s time and make the most of your travel experience. If you prefer one area to another, trolley and bus tours help you to decide where you should spend your time and where you would like to revisit later in your trip.  Trolley and bus tours are usually fairly priced and beat the time that you would otherwise spend in traffic. Plus, who doesn’t love a good learning experience?


Exploring on Foot


If you happen to be in a walkable city on a nice day, one of the best ways to explore a destination is on foot. Not only are you able to keep up with fitness during travel but exploring on foot allows you to stop and take in experiences that would otherwise be difficult on a tour or in a vehicle. Walking allows you to take time to appreciate the street performer, to eat at a neighborhood cafe or stop at a park and take in the view. It’s a perspective that you would otherwise miss. If the locals are walking, you should too; you never know that you will discover.


Scooter and Bike Share Services


Not a fan of walking? No problem! Scooter and Bike Sharing services are becoming more and more popular among tourists. These services allow you to have the same experiences as walking without the impact. Plus, they tend to get you to your destination faster. Apps like Lime and Bird allow you to find bike and scooter share services in your local destination and get you on your way to exploration.



Ride Share Services (Uber/Lyft)


Rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft are some of the best options for exploring a city or destination as a solo traveler or someone not wanting to deal with driving in a new and unfamiliar place. Additionally, if you’re looking to explore a city or downtown area, the use of rideshare services allows you to bypass parking fees for dining and entertainment which can add up quickly. Cut your travel budget in half by bypassing a rental car service and opting to use rideshare services instead.


Public Transportation


Urban cities like NYC and Chicago to name a few, have efficient and accessible public transportation systems. Making use of these systems can also help you experience a destination like a local while also getting you from point A to B quickly and inexpensively. Consider purchasing a pass for public transit for the length of your stay to save the maximum amount possible on pass fees. In densely populated cities, this is also often the best option in avoiding traffic on a time crunch.


Which of these options is your favorite way to explore A New City? Check out more tips at Vacation Crashpad!

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