5 Healthy Travel Tips for Staying at Short-Term Rentals

5 Healthy Travel Tips for Staying at Short-Term Rentals

While traveling, most people do not have a clear snapshot of how many people they actually come into contact with. Traveling means coming into contact with hundreds of thousands of people a day via direct and indirect contact. While typical hygiene is super important, stepping up your travel hygiene can mean the difference between a great trip and return home with a trip souvenir that you did not bargain for. Especially when you’re in close quarters such as a hotel or short term rental. As you prepare to enter into the travel space again post-pandemic, we’ve put together 5 Healthy Travel Tips for staying at Hotels and Short-Term Rentals.


  1. Avoid Bringing Germs into Your Sleeping Space


Traveling from plane to Uber to a hotel is a much more germy process that you might think. The one thing that you never want to do is bring those germs with you into your sleeping space. First, be sure to remove your shoes. Be sure to remove your shoes at the door of your short-term rental or hotel room to avoid tracking dirt and germs into your sleeping space. As an extra precaution, consider spraying them with anti-bacterial formulas or wipes. Your shoes come into the most contact with surfaces that are not thoroughly cleaned and you want to avoid bringing that with you.


  1. Disinfect Luggage and Accessories


While you’re disinfecting your shoes, also be sure to pay attention to your luggage and accessories. One of the worst things you can do is unpack your suitcase or any other travel items on your bed. Not only have they gone through the airport and your transportation but they have more than likely been handled by multiple hands throughout the day. Be sure to take the same disinfectant wipes or sprays and clean your handles, wheels, and the surface. Additionally, choose to unpack on the floor, in the bathroom, or on an unpacking rack (most hotels offer these in the closet). This will minimize the transfer of germs and keep you healthier.


  1. Pull Back Sheets


After stopping the external germs in their tracks, you want to be sure to check your room or short-term rental for cleanliness. One of the best ways to do this is to pull back the sheets of your bed. We all love how neat sheets are but it could be covering germs and uncleanliness. You want to check to be sure that your sheets and pillows are clean. You also want to check the lining of the mattress for bed bugs. Additionally, some of the dirtiest hotel/ rental surfaces are doorknobs, remotes, and room phones. Be sure to clean them before use and check for any other questionable dirty. If anything is of concern to you, be sure to contact the desk or owner immediately with picture documentation. You are paying for a service and want to be sure to have the cleanest and healthiest accommodation as possible during your stay.


  1. Make Use of Your Services 


Understanding your services at a hotel or short-term rental guarantees putting your best foot forward toward healthy living. Washing your clothing if your hotel or rental has a space for it or asking for daily or every other day house-keeping services are excellent ways to keep your space clean and free from germs. The scariest thing about germs are that you cannot see them and the last thing you want is for them to build up over a few days. At check-in, be sure to get a clear understanding of services offered at your accommodation and actually use them.


  1. Continue Safe Practices for Yourself and Others


Even after a pandemic is long gone, you want to make sure that you are the best possible type of good citizen. Keeping a decent distance, never overcrowding a space, using a mask if you’re feeling sick or unsure, and washing your hands frequently are overall good practices to have especially when staying in close quarters with others in a hotel or short term rental. Always be sure to be courteous to your health and the health of others.


These are simple acts that make all the difference in you staying healthy while traveling and keeping a healthy environment for the next person. What are your favorite healthy travel practices? Check out more at www.VacationCrashpad.com

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