4 Ways to Make Your Business Travel Trip Feel More Like Home

4 Ways to Make Your Business Travel Trip Feel More Like Home

There is truly no place like home. For business travelers, a new meeting or opportunity could mean more time spent away from home and in turn, can be difficult to get used to. Whether you are spending a week, a month, or more; it is possible to gain an enjoyable and comfortable experience and make your next temporary living space on a business trip feel more like home. Check out these four ideas to personalize your temporary living space.


  1. Bring your Essentials from Home 


The hardest thing about being away from home is often missing the comforts of being in your own space. While you may not be able to bring your bed with you; packing some of your at-home essentials could make a world of difference. Some essentials to consider bringing from home are your favorite pillow/pillowcase, your blanket or loungewear, a picture of friends or family members, or essential oils or fragrances that remind you of a scent from home. These minor details may seem small but the comfort is all in the details.


  1. Opting for a Home Share Service over a Hotel


While hotels come with their benefits and services, home-sharing services are always great options for making longer-term stays feel more like home. The biggest benefit of a home-sharing service like Vacation Crashpad, Airbnb, and VRBO is that you are provided with typical home essentials such as a kitchen for cooking meals, a washer, and dryer and an overall sense of community or experience of being a local in your temporary city. With many types and price ranges, the opportunities and choices for temporary living arrangements are endless!


  1. Consider Grocery Delivery Services


While we all enjoy a good meal out every now and then, dining out can not only become costly but you will quickly miss a taste of home. For that reason, Grocery Delivery services are a great option. Apps like Amazon Prime Fresh or Instacart are a great way to have some of your favorites from home delivered directly to your door. Enjoy a home-cooked meal or maybe some toiletries and treats that your temporary living arrangements miss the mark on providing. Suddenly your work trip will feel just like home.


  1. Connect the Local Way


During an extended work trip with temporary living arrangements, it can take a while to get adjusted to your surroundings and it could cause you to miss home. The best way to get over homesickness is to connect the local way. Consider local meetups during your free time or book local experiences like a cultural, food, or neighborhood tour. You’ll be surprised how fast you integrate as a local and/or make friends along the way.


Work travel has the potential to become some of the best experiences of your life and with these four tips and tricks, you’re on your way to feeling right at home!

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