3 Ways Military Crashpad Can Save You from a Bad Rental

3 Ways Military Crashpad Can Save You from a Bad Rental

There is nothing worse than rushing into a housing decision and making the wrong choice. Many times, military families do not always have an ample amount of time to explore a new area before they are forced to find a housing solution. However, Military Crashpad offers a temporary fix for housing needs that can save time, money, and eliminate the stress of rushing into a bad rental.

The term “crash pad” originated in the airline industry. Personnel working in the aviation industry—pilots, flight attendants, and reservation agents—needed a place to “crash” and sleep at their home base. Many times, their base was not in their home state. Instead of buying a home or paying steep rent, many would look for a short term crash pad to get them through. It gave them an affordable place to sleep and shower in between shifts. This would allow time to explore the area and see if that was a place where they wanted to make a commitment to a lease and plant roots.

Military Crashpad was founded by an Air Force pilot who experienced much of the same turmoil as his civilian counterparts. They know how hard it is to find a good place to live when TDY or when PCSing. It takes time to find the right place when you’re moving, and time is not always on your side. The Military Crashpad team was formed to make this easier for you.

3 Ways a Crash Pad Saves you From a Bad Rental

No strings attached.

Crash pads are quick and temporary solutions to housing needs. These short term housing options do not always require any type of commitment and can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly. They allow you the option of a temporary or short term rental without a long commitment. Military Crashpads begin at $70.00 per night and will match the rate you would pay lodging if on TDY orders.

Several short-term rental options.

Many times you can rent a crash pad daily, weekly, or month to month. While you seek more permanent housing, a crash pad gives you an easy housing solution. This minimizes the stress associated with having to find housing quickly and making the wrong choice. After all, you want to make sure wherever you are going to plant roots is in a safe area, close to work, with great schools (if applicable), and meets the needs of your family. All of these things take time and research to figure out.

Furnished, so you can leave your things in storage.

Furnished crash pads allow you to keep your things in storage so you do not have to move them multiple times. This is especially helpful for military families, as many times their belongings do not always arrive on time—leaving them without bare necessities for their families. A furnished crash pad gives all the comforts of home without having to wait on your things to arrive.

How to Get Started with Military Crashpad

Military Crashpad has rentals available several states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas.

To get started,

  • Go to our homepage.
  • Then, search out the properties located in the state that you are moving to.
  • Next, complete an interest form and reservation for that property.

Military families relocate every 3-4 years. Moving and finding housing can be quite stressful. However, Military Crashpad offers a temporary housing solution for military families at an affordable price. This option allows military families the time needed to check out their surroundings to find the right home in a decent area of their new assignment.

Since crash pads come furnished, military families can leave their things in storage while seeking a more permanent home. This saves time, money, and minimizes the headache of having to move belongings several times. Crashpads can definitely be a lifesaver for military families so they do not rush into a bad rental situation.

Written by: Wendi Iacobello

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