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What Does Military Crash Pad Provide to Prospective Homeowners?

  • Never pay for marketing again. Military Crashpad® creates a professional and highly enticing listing for your property and promotes it on the top rental websites, including our own, at no cost to you. We’ll even coordinate with a professional photographer to come and stage your house and take highly marketable pictures.
  • Say goodbye to answering inquiries night and day. Our in-house team of military travel experts respond quickly to every inquiry, answers questions about your property, and confirms bookings 7 days a week − even on nights and weekends.
  • Get world-class support – from real people. We handle all pre- and post-stay communication with your guests and onsite partners, and our team is always just a phone call away.
  • Manage onsite services your way. We give you a full range of options for managing on-the-ground services, including self-service, continuing to work with the people you already know and trust, or working with one of our vetted local partners.
  • Set up services. We’ll send you our free operations manual that lists out everything required to make your property successful. If you would prefer to have one of our representatives do the actual setup then we provide that service as well.
  • Enjoy a more profitable rental. With the sharing economy in full effect, we’ll maximize every inch of your property to provide you with a higher than average ROI when compared to renting your home as a single family unit.
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