20 Ways To Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Infographic by Stich Kutzer

If you are looking for ways to increase the fuel efficiency of your cars, then you need to spend some time going through the next few lines. It will certainly help you save a significant amount of money on fuel expenses for your vehicle.

Tire Pressure

This is one of the most important points to ensure fuel efficiency. Tires which are under inflated need more energy and fuel.

Learn Some Tricks At The Filling Station

When refilling your car at the gas station, ensure that the hose remains in your gas tank for a few minutes. You could get some extra fuel for which you have already paid.

Use Cruise Control

Cruise control will ensure a big mix of speed and fuel efficiency.

Replace Corroded Batteries

Corroded battery cables will put more pressure on the alternator and this means more fuel consumption. You must ensure that the cables are cleaned regularly.

Avoid Idling

If you are vehicle has to idle beyond one minute, it would be better to switch off the engine because it can save big money.

Air Filter

You must not hesitate to change the air filter at least twice or thrice a year or as mentioned in the instruction manual.

Regular Engine Check Up Is A Must

You also must understand the importance of regular engine check-up. The days of tuning-up an engine are all over.

Replace Oxygen Sensor

If you own a mid-1980 model you may have to spend money on replacing the oxygen sensor because it does impact fuel spending.

Drive In The Highest Gear

Driving in the highest gear without putting pressure on the engine is highly recommended for better fuel efficiency.

Smooth Driving

Driving smoothly, avoiding full throttle driving and sudden braking should be avoided for better fuel efficiency.

Do Not Overload

Travel as light as you can. While carrying the essentials you must not dump your car with things which are not needed.

Choose The Correct Octane Gas

Go by your owner’s manual and fill only the recommended octane gas. The higher the octane levels, the higher the price will be.

Plan Your Trips

It would be better to combine errands and this certainly will save both money and time.

Quality Of Engine Oil Matters

You can save one to two percent on fuel if you use the right kind of engine oil as recommended in the user’s manual.

Revving The Engine

Revving should be avoided because it burns fuel unnecessarily and could also damage the cylinder walls.

Steady Driving

Driving at a steady pace over long distances is a smart move. Slowing down unnecessarily or over speeding wastes fuel.

Do Not Put Your Legs On The Brake

Even the slightest pressure on brakes could lead to mechanical drag and this would require additional fuel to overcome this problem.

Travel On Smooth Roads

It always makes sense to choose smooth roads as much as possible. Bumpy roads damage shocks and springs and this could lead to higher fuel consumption.

Ensure Suspension Is Well-Aligned

You must regularly inspect the chassis parts and suspension and ensure that they are properly aligned. This could help save fuel quite a bit.

Highway Tread Tires Could Be Better

If you are running an SUV you could choose highway tread tires for better efficiency

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